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I woke up in the Wintergarde Keep inn and saw I had some new mail.  It was a letter from Archmage Emmy’s father in Stormwind, writing to thank me for making sure his daughter’s last message made it to him.  It was obvious he had no idea I had also killed her.

Knife.  Gut.  Twist.

Luckily I keep some of Don Carlos’ finest in my bags for just such occasions.

The drink helped with the cold ride, too, as I made my way over to the Ruby Dragonshrine.  This is the last of the Dragonshrines for me- I’ve seen the black, green, blue, and bronze.  The Red Dragonflight are the ruling class when it comes to wyrms so it makes sense that this whole thing comes to a head in their home base.

Their shrine, I am informed, is overrun with scourge.  (It’s Northrend, what else is new.)  I helped the Alliance forces gathered there contain the waves of undead, and then I was sent inside to help reclaim some of the fallen dragons.  This was something a druid, and a night elf, could easily sympathize with.  They didn’t want their bodies to be defiled by the scourge, but to return to the earth to give new life.  I gladly obliged.  I collected ruby acorns and planted them under the bodies of the dragons, which were seized by the seeds and shrank up into nothing, their final wishes fulfilled.

I also located the source of the corruption.  Dahlia Suntouch, a former high elf who has guarded the shrine for centuries, was slain by a death knight duke of the scourge, and turned against herself and her charges.  I released her from her misery, and found a talisman that appeared to belong to Alexstraza’s consort.  I returned to Wyrmrest Temple.

Queen Alexstraza has given me the creeps every time I’ve spoken with her.  This meeting was no different.  She greeted me, “Hello Athorius.  It is good to finally meet you.  I have known you since before you were born.”  (As I said, I’ve spoken with her before.  Ah quest discontinuity.  Nevertheless- creepy.)

From there I clambored up on a dragon, ran around and ate some blues, and torched the azure dragonshrine.  Not a bad way to end my time in the Dragonblight.

From there, I headed to the Grizzly Hills.  And my gosh is it a change.  Here’s a place where humans and orcs have been trying to eke out a living long before anyone had heard of the Valiance Expedition.  Here, they still squabble about the pettiest things, mixed up with some very serious things like storing up sufficient food.  I felt bad about my lack of empathy, but it was difficult to come back down to earth after spending so much time in the ethereal.

So I ate some nuts.  They looked like they were put out for the taking, you know, like bar nuts.  They were…Amberseeds  (duh duh dum!)  These seeds are apparently the lambas bread of WoW.  You’re not supposed to eat a lot and a handful can feed an outpost for a season.  So the guy in charge made me throw them up.  Fun, right?  I even had to quest for my own ipecac.  

Between that and the military hardliner I tried, I really tried, to rid myself of the feeling that these missions weren’t a waste of my time, that filling a storehouse was a real problem and that whatever was in that chest has to be important on a real scale and not a petty backward trader scale.  But tonight I just couldn’t.  So I went to Borean Tundra instead to knock out a few easy quests that felt like real progress.  I’ll come back.  Just not tonight.

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