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A New Little PITA

Let me begin by saying the DEHTA are crazy.  If you haven’t encountered this organization yet, they’re a splinter group of druids who are fanatical about animal rights.  DEHTA is said to be the PETA of Azeroth.

Speaking as a druid, PETA is about as undruidic as it gets.  The closest Azerothian druids come to a “animals have more rights than people” stance is their Tolkienesque defense of nature against the encroachments of technology.  Mostly, what the druids do is try to preserve balance.  They want to maintain habitats so that flora and fauna can continue to thrive.   They are not vegetarian, they are not against the killing of animals, when it has a purpose.

This is what sets DEHTA apart- these are druids that are TOTALLY against the killing of animals (witness the fake furs).  They’re fanatics, and they’re atypical.  That said, most druids would be against the widespread needless slaughter of the animals of the Borean Tundra.  The hunters have no use for these animals- they aren’t eating them, or making things of them, they’re collecting souvenirs, and they’re doing so at an unsustainable rate.  It isn’t balanced, and it isn’t good for the Tundra.

Another trait that sets this group of druids apart and brings PETA to mind is they are not just calmly and collectedly handling the situation.  The Cenarion Circle’s typical response is to take the long view, and match problems with steady effort, and steady force where required.  (It’s interesting to note that Staghelm also lacks this trait, one of the things that makes him wildly unpopular among many of the druids, in spite of being skilled in the art and the nominal leader of the Circle.)  

No, THESE druids are morally outraged rather than emotionally detached.  They don’t just want to fix the problem; they want to punish the transgressors.  Who are they?  None other than fingers on the long arm of Hemet Nessingwary’s hunting empire, hoping for fame, glory, riches beyond imagining, and a set of steak knives.

On the behalf of the DEHTA, I waged war against the hunters.  I cut off their ears for Arch Druid Lathorius.  I rescured mammoth calves who trumpeted their approval to me (and followed me for absolutely ages).  I saved the giant freshwater clams.  There was some kind of caribou.  There were rhinos and rhino lords.  I caught hunters in their own traps.  (One of them yelled, “It’s a miracle!  The beast skinned itself!” when they spotted my fake fur-covered trap.)  

I STAMPEDED Harold Lane.  That one was kind of fun.

And at the end of it, I became a PITA.  I kind of wish it was a title- P.I.T.A Athorius.  

Don’t worry, I won’t throw paint on your coat. 😉


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