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I haven’t been writing lately because…well, quite simply, I haven’t been doing a lot in-game that I can write about.  I’ve hit that point in the leveling game where I feel like a slave to it, and just want to end it as quickly as humanly possible.  For a resto druid that means LOTS and LOTS of instancing.  Over and over.

Some things I have learned in the last week or so of half-pugging, half-guilding:


1. Having your tank sitting in the same room as you spoils a healer rotten.  

It didn’t start like that.  When he started playing we weren’t even dating, and he was a baby resto druid while I was an almost 60 hunter.  Fast forward three years or so and we live together, I have a resto druid, and his feral druid was recently retired in favor of a prot warrior, who is now about the same level as me.

There is an advantage to having a tank who has run with you so many times that, for example, he knows the difference between the standard cursing of the DPS and the “we’re all about to die” invective.  It’s also nice to be able to simply call out necessary information- I don’t know about you, but most of the 5-mans I run, and all of the PuGs, do not use vent.  There’s a certain degree of sympatico.  I know the tempo of his pulling, where his damage taken falls on the steady/spikey scale.  

Working with PuG tanks I’ve never met before has been valuable in that respect; it’s made me be more adaptable, proactive, and reactive than I’ve had to be in a very long time.  On that note…


2. There are a few nightmare players, but there are far more awesome people out there in LFG-land.  

I’ve met so many great players in the last week or two, who know their stuff and who are fun to be around, it’s not even funny.  Death knights who can both tank and DPS like nobody’s business.  A feral druid who shared some hilarious commisserations over our terribad Violet Hold tank.  I could go on and on.  


3. Culling of Stratholme, which I will write about when I get a chance to research it more thoroughly.

Culling of Stratholme is difficult to describe.  I was badly looking forward to this instance- I knew the premise, and I loved the level 60 Stratholme instance(s).  I knew the storyline was grim, but it’s hard to deny that it is interesting.

I was glad I was healing.

The whole buildup going into the instance is something like: “We’re not going to do this, are we?  We’re not really going to do this…  I mean, something’s going to happen, we’re not going to go through with it…  C’mon, anytime now…  Holy crap…we’re really going to do this… We’re REALLY going to DO THIS?!”

I had mixed feelings on the cop out of turning all the townsfolks into undead before the players begin killing anything.  Yeah, the guards still kill some townsfolk, but it’s hard to feel much of a moral dilemma over kiling zombies, seeing as they’re pretty obviously beyond help.  On the one hand, I was glad to not have to kill (more) innocent civilians who don’t understand and are trying to run away.  On the other, it WAS a cop out.  It somewhat trivialized what should have been a terrible scarring IC encounter.  

Oh, yeah, and the “the quickest way is through the bookshelf!” so we could get to a part of the instance that was on fire, in psuedo-phasing?  Yeah, it wasn’t obvious or anything.


4. Dark Matter strikes in Ulduar?  Please.

If anything this is more astronomically ridiculous than the Suneater, the sword “forged in the heart of a dying star”, and that’s pretty hard to top.  (My degree is in astronomy and astrophysics.  I’m picky about this kind of nonsense.)


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Blog of Blog

I’m sorry about the late posting.  I was very tired last night, and between that and the cable being flaky, the post didn’t get written until today.  On the other hand, it should be a double-post day once I get done with questing tonight.  🙂
One of the things I really want to add to the posts are lots of pictures.  The topics really lend themselves to in-game photography.  So why aren’t there any at the moment?  Right now I’m borrowing my boyfriend’s brother’s laptop (say that three time fast) because my computer is dead as a doornail, and I’m trying to limit the amount of personal stuff I get all over it.  The good news is the parts for my new computer are shipping to me as I type and should be here tomorrow!  So once I get it up and running, expect these giant walls of text to be punctuated by some nice illustration.
I’m getting close to being done with Dragonblight.  I could potentially wrap it up tonight, in fact.  After that I’ll be heading into the Grizzly Hills.  I’m staying in Northrend because this task will only get easier the more I level, and because I do more than just quest (though that certainly occupies a large slice of my playtime).  My teensy guild wants to go to Naxx at the end of the month, and seeing as I’m one of only two healers in the guild at present, I’d feel horrible if I let them down.  So, by staying in Northrend I can kill two birds with one stone- getting XP and furthering my ambition to complete every quest in the game open to me.

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